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Typ vun Internetverbindung:
* Numm Download Eroplueden Type Präis EUR
Gratis SAS Fiber Optics to 1Gbit /s (downstream) 1024 Mbit / s 1024 Mbit / s Fiber fir d'Haus Präis op Ufro
NordNet STAR 15 Giga 512 kbit / s 128 kbit / s Satellit & VSAT 34,41 EUR
Vivéole Vivéole WiMax 512 kbit / s 128 kbit / s WiFiMAX Präis op Ufro

Last Inquiries from France

Need Internet in a poorly connected area
What options TS2 SPACE have to connect our home in Valbonne France to the Internet using Satellite? Local connections are very slow
ufroen Informatiounen
Hello Businesscom Networks We are the professional marine construction and we want establish ourselves in Limbe (Cameroon). We need an internet connection. Could you give us your price for a satelite link 10 or 20 Mbit / s in download and upload cordially
Zitat Ufro
We would like to know what you have to offer us, please, in order to have reliable and fast internet access.
Internet connection for our French office
Hi We are looking for an ISP in France that can deliver an internet connection to our Paris office. Kind regards Harald
Internet and Telephone ONLY
I require a fast Bouygues Telecom Internet with good upload speed. Telphone line for Interent will also be required. I do NOT require TV or Radio Thank you.
receipt problems with my bank
I have to pay two euskatel bills but there is a bank error I have returned to the kutxa bank I want to pay but my email has changed I cannot connect with sur web services I put my new email
Starlink Bunus, France
Hello!If I choose Starlink SpaceX by 80 $ - Is it working in my location - Bunus, France and which speed do you have, and how much it costs per month? Thank you!
I would like to know how much the TS2 SPACE satellite Internet service costs here in the Dominican Republic, if residential service is possible!
Leonardo connects
Satellit Internet
Hi, We are a radiotherapy center and we will need a perform Businesscom Networks internet connection by satellite. Could you tell me and make sure your internet speeds to France are good ? Because, we currently have an optical fiber but it does not offer good performance to France. Thanks Kind regards
Satellit Internet
Hello I live in a rural area where ADSL speeds are only about 2mb/s. I need a faster connection but will also need as high a data allowance as possible (price dependant). Can TS2 SPACE help? Thanks Rory

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Optimus Clix
BuckNet Internet
Telenet NV
Nei Offeren
UPC Nederland BV (UPC Holland) Internet Ziggo Complete eroflueden: 150 Mbit / s Eroplueden: 15 Mbit / s Internet 30,61 EUR
Yatanarpon Teleport Satellite Broadband Service eroflueden: 64-384 kbit/s Eroplueden: 32-192 kbit/s Satellit & VSAT 31,07 EUR ass 388,44 EUR
Asahi Net FLET'S ADSL (A Plan) + Dial up eroflueden: 512 kbit / s Eroplueden: 128 kbit / s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL 7,13 EUR Ländlech Bronze Méi eroflueden: 40 Mbit / s Eroplueden: 2 Mbit / s Fiber to the curb (FTTC) 33,54 EUR
Net Connect Telecom (Pvt) Ltd Satellite Broadband eroflueden: 16 Mbit / s Eroplueden: 2-3 Mbit/s Satellit & VSAT 0 EUR ass 14,19 EUR

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