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China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited Kapitaléierung

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China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited Kapitaléierung

Address: The Center 75th Floor 99 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Phone(s): Phone: 852 2126 2018 Fax: 852 2126 2016


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China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited is an Internet Service Provider operating in Hong Kong. This company is well-known as an investment holding company. They deliver telecommunications services and products in the People’s Republic of China. The company can offer to its customers mobile as well as fixed-line voice & value-added services, high speed broadband and also other Internet-related solutions. They can also provide you with GSM mobile voice, WCDMA mobile voice, TD-LTE mobile voice, LTE FDD mobile voice, and more. They specializes in the provision of Internet information services, promotion services, telecommunications network, technical consulting services.


Numm Download Eroplueden Type Präis Bezuelen FAP
Fixed-line Broadband by China Unicom Hong Kong 512 kbit / s 128 kbit / s Internet $ Präis op Ufro Joer
3G & 4G services 512 kbit / s 128 kbit / s Mobile Breetband $ Präis op Ufro Mount

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