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iConnect Guam

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iConnect Guam

Address: 543A Top-Plaza Building, North Marine Drive, Tamuning (Across Department of Public Works/Upper Tumon)

Telefon (en): +1 671-888-8888


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iConnect Guam is an Internet Service Provider in GUam. They deliver a high quality, secure and affordable wireless telecom products as well as other services across Guam. They have launched iConnect LTE True 4G. Thanks to this service residential customers can use super-fast 4G connectivity with speeds of 21Mb/s. Their best known product is called Push-To-Talk (PTT) digital radio as well as mobile services.


Numm Download Eroplueden Type Präis Bezuelen FAP
All-in-One by iConnect 512 kbit / s 128 kbit / s Mobile Breetband $ Präis op Ufro Joer
iConnect LTE True 4G 21 Mbit / s 5 Mbit / s Mobile Breetband $1,50 pro Dag

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